Review: Reve Kalell’s new album ‘Genesis’ focuses on politics, injustices, and conspiracies

Over quality production, Reve Kalell pens together positive messages of hope, unity and balance.


Denver’s own, Reve Kalell, comes out with his newest album, ‘Genesis’. On this album, Reve Kalell is able to showcase his lyrical ability, great flow, style and his versatility which allows him to put his own singing touch on his records. Over quality production, he pens together positive messages of hope, unity and balance. Throughout the album, there is a focus on politics, injustices, conspiracies and other topics that may come off as controversial, but is still important for listeners to hear. Tracks like ‘Expect Us’, ‘I Should Be President’, and ‘Classified’ are just a few that expresses the distaste he has for the political climate, talking deeply about the corrupt nature of politics, social issues, the lies that media share, and the economic imbalance between the top 1% and the rest of us who fall in the 99%. This album is a great listen, balancing musicality and content that highlight the social issues that listeners face, making it all worth the listen.

Check the album out below:

Words by Brandon Wint

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