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Japanese artist Reol shares vibrant new single ‘ゆーれいずみー’ (Phanto(me)): Listen

Photos: Courtesy of the artist

‘ゆーれいずみー’ or ‘Phanto(me)’ in English, is Japanese artist Reol’s latest record, which is a self-made production. From the production’s openness for a rap verse and immediately ushering in singing vocals to the vivacious hard-hitting bass on the hook, Reol understands what it is to be what we like to call “creepy cute” and versatile. For us, “being “creepy cute” is a marriage between cuteness-kawaii and grime-goth—à la GRUNGECAKE. What is this incredibly talented young woman singing about? We aren’t entirely sure because we don’t speak the language she sings in, but what we do know is when a record has all of the necessary elements to be successful. For us, ‘ゆーれいずみー’ fits the description of a hit record in the making. Stream the exciting new Electro Pop single below. We could hear the likes of Nicki Minaj on a record like this.


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