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Rees Finley seeks love and attention in his new pop track ‘Deserve’ (Premiere)

Photo Courtesy of the artist

Everyone deserves love and happiness right? Well, Rees Finley believes he does and wants the world to know just that.

Rees Finley
Photo Courtesy of the artist

His latest single, ‘Deserve’ is an up-tempo, vibrant record that has a bit of an 80s flair to it. With a rather cheerful beginning, listeners may notice their day randomly start to brighten up. The combination of Finley’s vocals and the background instruments will inspire a feeling of optimism and motivation. Although the song gives off a happy vibe, Finley’s lyrics suggest that he is essentially unhappy with the little attention he receives from others.

If there’s anybody out there, anybody listening, anybody who cares, would you give me something to believe? That’s all I really need, he expresses.

The Columbus-raised singer also shows off his vocal range in the track; switching up his tone throughout the record. Did I mention that the song is entirely self-produced? Every element of the tune is composed by the singer; from the instruments featured to the supporting vocals. Finley explains the idea behind ‘Deserve’.

Lyrically, I explore questions of self-worth and whether or not anyone truly deserves anything. Of course, this question ultimately leads to the spiritual realm and my personal relationship with the higher power.

There are many sentiments and themes that listeners can relate to in this record. It is safe to say that this track “deserves” some attention. Finally, hear the song below.

Written by Manny King John

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