Play this Reekado Banks record ‘Ozumba Mbadiwe’ more than once

Photo: Apple Music

We’re coming across many records with significant playback value more often than previously, and my homegirls and I are ecstatic. Throughout a triggering lockdown and the toll it took on our mental healths collectively, all we wanted to do was go to parties, bullshit, and work when we aren’t partying and bullshitting. Now that some parts of the world have opened up and we are vaccinated for work, we are on the scene, going to everything from Chop Vegas to Cardi B’s recent Jamaican Dancehall-themed birthday party and having business meetings in-person. Honestly, it feels good, and we feel the shell of normalcy, or how our lives used to feel before the global pandemic.

When Reekado Banks’ song, named after a wealthy Nigerian family, comes on, it takes us back to the last packed music venue and music festival grounds we’ve been blessed to experience. If you’re in the running to hear a smooth enchanting Afrobeats track that doesn’t demand much from your mind, body and soul, give ‘Ozumba Mbadiwe’ a spin more than once. It is comparable to easy listening music or the kinds of songs you’d hear on the radio in the car, and you wouldn’t mind keeping it on as you’re driving.