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Rediscovering Reggae With The Courtney John Project

The Courtney John Project

Contemporary reggae band The Courtney John Project is an audio and visual journey which has graduated from the Yardy dance and EDM sounds of Major Lazer. The Courtney John Project has transcended your typical reggae experience with “Soul Of A Man”. The dark, cult like imagery and painted faces, gets the message of hidden faces and lost souls across to the viewer. While “Black Cinderella” and “Nothing For Free” are more rooted in traditional lover’s rock riddims, opening with the familiar smooth tunes, and mashed up with a euro-electronica undertone – Which they are aptly calling “rootstronic”. The rootstronic sound is rooted in the rawness of Kingston, Jamaica where the band members are from originally. Their sound fuses core melodies with EDM, and wicked drums and bass gives this group and edginess similar to the aura of a contemporary rock ‘n roll band.

This Kingston Mashup is an exceptional journey into music, bridging many cultural gaps and crossing many genres. The audio journey is not the typical mind numbing sounds that make us move and jump around like zombies, it is however, quite the opposite. While their songs don’t have many lyrics, the few songs that do are thought provoking, real and, groovy. Not just any groovy, it’s like firing up your lighter, blazing your spliff while you let the music communicate with your body: Groovy. The Courtney John Project has successfully created their own lane musically and we are coming along for the ride.

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Written by Manny King John

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