Review: Rebel ACA & The French Monkey Wrench release sonically expansive LP: Sunday’s Cool

I am impressed by this masked Englishman and Frenchman duo. Based on the various styles of music I’ve heard from both places, it’s a breath of fresh air. Let’s start with the video for their single, ‘John Wayne’.


Rebel ACA & The French Monkey Wrench
Photo: Courtesy of the artists

Ragging on what the human male has become in the modern day, the British duo Rebel ACA (vocals, occasional keys) & The French Monkey Wrench (occasional vocals, keys, guitar, bass, beat) released the official video for ‘John Wayne’. As explained by the vocalist, the man isn’t married, but he has two kids. He eats organic beans, into technology and expects instant gratification—like other social media addicts.

Overall, the album is an upbeat yet sultry palette covering the many complexities of human relations to losing friends because they’ve lost their soul. When it comes to my favourite tracks and moments, I like how ‘Sexy Plum (Interlude)’ and ‘Swingaboo’ start, the keys and string on “Sexy Plum and some sums, and some”, and the dub elements on ‘Living in a Mad World’. The childlike harmonies on ‘Sexy Plum’ put me at ease. The airy pockets, without vocals, in the sequencing allow us to fall in love with the instrumentation, too.

Plainly, in the event, you are into Gorillaz, you would appreciate the group’s sonic contribution to the world and marketplace. Most especially, you can hear the influence and similarities on ‘Gold Star’. Watch the video for ‘John Wayne’ above. Then, check out the sonically expansive new LP: Sunday’s Cool. It’s Pop-Rap, done the right way.

Written by Richardine Bartee

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