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Rebecca Minkoff Resort 2014


The new wave of today’s styles consists of previous fashion influences resulting in phenomenal updated pieces. One dynamic fashion designer, Rebecca Minkoff created a stir when she presented her latest Resort collection on the runway. Minkoff brings out a variety of admirable alternatives inspired by early eighties-punk trends. Showcasing a transition in music of the 80’s era when it changed over from punk to pop. In these stunning designs you can see how the designer drew inspiration from the new wave era. Rebecca Minkoff obviously created her own wave by showcasing pieces with a trendy and feminine feeling by delivering her spin on the items in the transition collection. This line resembles edgy punk-inspired alternatives with a soft tone that appeals to consumers on different levels.



An updated spin on 80’s pop

The pieces presented in this collection are modern floral prints, abstract patterns, bold colors, stripes, with bright knits, and a pinch of an edgy tone. It also includes colorful leather dresses, high-waist peplum skirts, floral printed blouses, maxi dresses, and oversized coats. The more edgy side consists of vests, studded t-shirts, and jackets. To make things even more interesting, the metallic bracelets, bright & studded clutches, chunky chain necklaces enhanced the overall looks. Each garment in was tomboyish with a feminine twist. Imagine wearing a peplum skirt with a studded motor jacket and a clear studded clutch, one of the more prominent looks that stood out in the collection. A must have item was the bubblegum-pink leather stove pipe trousers with the zippered slash detail. That definitely stands out for any consumer trying to be more than the “average” person. Personally, I believe that Rebecca Minkoff wanted to bring out what she viewed a woman would want to wear but not dare to wear. You can see how the over-sized coat was meant to be over-sized and very detailed. It gives out a little dark but girly trendy look. What I personally think will become popular just by looking at this collection is floral prints and over-sized coats. As for maxi dresses they will always play a big role in fashion and a woman’s closet. The studded PVC clutches clearly are wonderful for everyday wear. The main reason why I love Rebecca Minkoff’s collection is that any woman can mix-and-match these pieces. Each item is detailed, on point, zipped, and fitted correctly, which made viewing the line a fulfilling experience. Her RTW items are my favorite!




Whether it is 1980 or 2013, fashion will always be like the circle of life. The key to modern interpretations of retro style is in the beauty of design and the designer’s incorporation of their personal vision. Fashion has evolved throughout the years but always goes back to its roots, challenging creations of old for recognition. Whether on the runway or the streets, we can create style and push it forward in order to make a statement. Thank you Rebecca Minkoff for delivering and thinking outside the box for many that are trapped inside the box.


Written by Manny King John

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