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Here’s why you should listen to Ray BLK (Mercury Lounge review)

She had “that had a Lauryn Hill feel.”


hile she has earned the title, “Lauryn Hill of the UK,” South London artist, Ray BLK is a brilliant artist. On Saturday, June 17, she performed a packed out show at the Mercury Lounge in the Lower East Side of Manhattan. As I stood and watched her band set up, the size of the crowd expanded; excitement took over the atmosphere. The band started playing a melody that feels like a Sunday morning walk in the park. The packed venue suddenly erupted with cheers and joyful screams.

Ray BLK took to the stage. From that moment, I knew the power of her presence. Her set list started with a tale of her infatuation and lusting with a West Side boy. He rescued her from heartache. The fans went nuts as her steamy lyrics gave a taste of her sex appeal. Her lines pertained to passionate lovemaking and sex on a sofa. Ironically, the next song that followed was a message to women about some men only wanting their “honey” and to not be fooled by false intentions.

Ray BLK (Mercury Lounge)
Photos: Deon Visuals for GrungeCake

It’s no secret that her words are not only meant to teach and empower young women but to share her experience as a woman. In addition to her beautiful high notes and melodic singing, she flawlessly displayed her knack for lyricism with a few rap verses that had a Lauryn Hill feel.

She even incorporated the sample from Biggie Smalls’ “Get Money” that had the crowd rocking with their hands up. Ray had us under her full control since the moment she took the stage. With a voice like warm honey and a goddess-like stage presence, an intoxicating experience is an expectation. Every concert Ray BLK has in my city, I will be there and you should too.

Words by Deon Visuals


Written by Manny King John


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