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Ray BLK’s new EP ‘Empress’ keeps its promise to “uplift, encourage and inspire”


Using her rapping and singing skills throughout the music, British musician Ray BLK shows her lyrical advantages and prowess on the ‘Empress’ EP. It’s a smooth experience with love songs that promote self-worth, not paying for someone else’s sin or settling for less, and more. It was a pleasant surprise to hear that ‘Mama’ samples 2 Pac’s 1995 classic Hip-Hop record, ‘Dear Mama’. It woke up the nine-year-old music lover in me. It was a great time in music. “Thugs” made music for their mothers.

I’d like to hear Ray BLK sing a Country song. I think she has the range, and an interesting enough voice to handle herself. I’ll be waiting. Listen to her eight-track EP below. It has a consistent sound. I wonder if it is produced by one person—or a team with a common goal. Regardless, the body of music fulfils its promise. I don’t feel empty after I listen to ‘Empress’.

Ray BLK's cover art for her 'Empress' EP
Photo: Courtesy of the label

“A huge thank you to these beautiful girls & their parents for letting them join me for the cover. This project is to uplift, encourage and inspire everyone who’s ever felt like they’re not good enough because of what they look like or where they come from. This one’s for the new generation.” – Ray BLK

Written by Richardine Bartee

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