Ravealation Presents: Crizzly at Hard Rock Cafe (Review)

On Friday December 27, 2013 I don’t think the strip was ready for all the bass that was coming to take over The Hard Rock Cafe.

As you walk down Las Vegas Blvd. on a Friday night, the sights and sounds are nothing short of magical. The big buildings, bright lights and tourist bustling about, gives you a chance to feel swept away in everything that is taking place around you. On this particular Friday, there was a little something extra in the atmosphere. Glancing up at the grand marquee displayed at the entrance of the Hard Rock Cafe; there wasn’t the normal hard rock band or throwback 80’s cover group, this time the glistening sign hailed the name “Crizzly”. Mr. Marshall who is known by Crizzly is a young music producer and DJ from Texas who spins and creates a hybrid of Electronic Dance Music and Hip-Hop that he calls “crunkstep”.

The event was thrown by Ravealation, a premier 18+ EDM event production company from Las Vegas. The lineup featured various artist such as: Byra Tanks, Gusdamnit, Bombmakers, and Protohype along side many others, as well as headliner Crizzly. The street team and marketing department did a great job with this event, you were not able to go anywhere without someone talking about “the Crizzly show on Friday”. Tonight is the night to see if all of their efforts paid off.

When we first arrived to the venue, the entrance was utter madness. There were droves of people in line either purchasing tickets or picking up will call, waiting to ascend to the top level of Hard Rock Cafe where the event was being held. Finally, after getting through security and having my ID checked multiple times (it happens at 18+ events, better safe than sorry) I had arrived to the top level. The energy filled the rooms like nothing I can put into words. I ran into old lighting guys from my days as a little scene kid attending shows at this venue to young wet-behind-the-ear teens excited to have a chance to party at a headlining event on the strip.

Best moments of the night:

Gusdamnit — Playing in the IROK room (a smaller set up to the left of the mainstage), the crowd was very transitional before he went on. Mostly, people were popping their heads in to see what was going on. Then, they quickly made their exit towards the main stage. But once Gusdamnit started spinning, so did the crowd. He turned the room into a full on rave from kids shuffling their feet off to glovers “melting faces” in the corners of the room. Keep an eye out for this kid, he’s got whatever “it” is.

BombMakers — I would like to describe their set in one word, okay, here we go… supercalifragilisticespialidocious? This dynamic duo drove the crowd completely insane! The second they took over the turntables, the energy switched to something reminiscent to a Project X style massive (don’t know Project X, Google it). Hands flung up, people raging on every square inch of the dance floor. This was my first time experiencing Bombmakers live and they definitely live up to their high energy name.

Protohype — His set gave us that good ol’ fashion dirty dubstep that most people came to hear. The bass was so heavy and the mixing was super clean. The fans appreciated his every drop by turning the middle of the dancefloor into a bonafide mosh-pit — even the most metal of metal heads would have been proud. He also was someone I was able to see live for the first time at this event.

Crizzly — The title of his set should be “Pizza and Ass”. He took us straight to the gutter gutter with his heavy-hitting beats and remixes of popular Hip-Hop and Rap anthems. From the go-go dancers to the bartenders all the way in the back, everyone in the place had their booty’s shaking. And how could the “Pizza King” put on a great show without giving the crowd what they want… Pizza! He escaped from behind the turntables for about a minute, dawning boxes of pizza, which he passed out to the already hype crowd.

I would like to give a special thank you to Marcel Correa and the whole team over at Ravealation for hosting such an amazing event. We look forward to seeing many more events coming from your camp.

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