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Rasheed Chappell and legendary producer Buckwild share official visual for ‘Black Owned’: Watch

Gifted lyricist Rasheed Chappell pairs up with Hip-Hop producer Buckwild to provide his latest offering, ‘Black Owned’. The production is menacing, and the rapping accompanying matches its energy. He raps about being himself, and the awareness he has attained that allows him to stay true to who he is. He doesn’t want the glitz and glamour that everyone else is running after, the knowledge he has of self allows him to stand on his own two as a Black man. The video for this song adds another element to the delivery of this track. In the middle of a boxing ring, he throws lyrical punches that prove very few can spar with him. If you want to hear great bars with astonishing delivery, you’ll be doing yourself a great injustice to overlook Rasheed Chappell & Buckwild’s ‘Black Owned’.


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