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Rachel Roy’s Fall 2014 Collection Is Simply Cool

Designer Rachel Roy premiered her latest collection a little over a month ago during NYFW, with a lovely collection which signified the brands’ 10th anniversary. Although, shortly after the successful runway show, news that Rachel Roy‘s parent company, The Jones Group, discontinued the Rachel Roy collection, reason being it wasn’t in line with the overall strategy of the parent company… Although Rachel Roy has recently closed up shop, we are certain that Roy is working on a comeback to the industry, as she told WWD of her plans to finance the business herself in the future, also accompanying the news is the brand management firm, Bluestar Alliance’s interest in acquiring the Rachel Roy brand, although details yet to be confirmed.

We decided to talk about Roy’s collection in hopes that she will be able to produce these goods with a little help from fans, sponsors and/or investors. The fashion industry is changing rapidly and it is possible for a brand to survive without the life-blood of a parent company, and judging from her recent collection and her 10 year ascent to the forefront of fashion’s elite there is no doubt that Rachel Roy is a talented designer surely able to weather the storm.

Feminine Cool Ready For A Store Near You

Roy’s RTW Collection was full of mixed mediums of wool, and leather with a wonderful layering of light lace and printed silk fabrics. While the colors were selections of sophisticated whites, grays, royals and blues. However, Roy didn’t forget to add the “wow” factor with her visions of red, which was a striking contrast from the bulk of the collection.




Roy’s Luxurious Lace

By far, Roy’s stand out details were the asymmetrical hemlines layered in with grand lace insets, bodices and sleeves. The abundance of Chantilly lace took the modern day sophisticated tweed suits to the next level of grandeur and opulence. Then without missing a beat, red was introduced along with elegant pencil skirts paired with cool bomber jackets and fun furs.





We would really love to see this collection in stores. Rachel Roy was previously sold exclusively at Macy’s, Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue and Bloomingdales among other high end doors. One thing is for sure she may be down but not out, yet! We will stay tuned.

Written by Manny King John


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