QUIÑ shares sophomore project, DREAMGIRL


Meet QUIÑ, your favourite DREAMGIRL.



n what we refer to as a serotinal time, QUIÑ released an easy-listening 5-track sophomore titled, “DREAMGIRL.” The amount of soul she puts forth on each record is an overflow of wonder that awakens carnal desire. Warmth hugs and rushes the ears and mind of anyone who engages. Plunging into the depths of her velvety world, you’ll fall further in love with the Los Angeles-native creative as the EP progresses. ‘Fantasy Soul’ is her mainstay, and it fits her well.

Sticky Situation” is the only song that I heard in advance, but all of them are tip-top. At any rate, I think QUIÑ is incapable of producing a dud. Therefore, you should stream the music below. Invest some time into the cutting-edge unsigned artist with features from Buddy and Syd. They are her fellow Californians.

In conclusion, QUIÑ performed at the AFROPUNK-curated Red Bull Sound Select event in New York City, ahead of the AFROPUNK Festival. Have a look at my coverage of the event via the link.

DREAMGIRL EP cover art


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