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Hear Chicago rapper Queen Key’s new EP: Eat My Pussy
Queen Key's Eat My Pussy cover art
Queen Key's Eat My Pussy cover art
Photo: Courtesy of RED Music


esterday, by way of email, we received an illustrative raw body of music by a rising star from Chicago, Illinois. Unlike many of the new rappers making music from the feminine perspective, Queen Key has a vocal precision that could make a grown man whimper. Of course, the competitive spirit is there, but there are differences that I’ve seen and heard already. Her presentation, and the way her lyrics come together shows me that she’s equipped to be one of the best to walk this path. You may think it is an ambitious statement, but I’d beg to differ.

As far as her song structure, there are an eye-popping and jaw-dropping references that deserve playback value, to learn the words for the live concert. If you’re as confident and fierce as Queen Key, you will be able to appreciate her mindset and creative expression.

At the end of the month, the young queen will reveal the rest of her project. Until then, listen to the first seven songs below. Musical features come from Tink, Dreezy, Cuban Doll, and King Louie.

Queen Key

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