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Queen Key delivers new video for ‘Hey’: Watch


Chicago rapper Queen Key describes herself as ‘iconic’ and ‘real raw’, in her new song ‘Hey’; I couldn’t agree more! I feel the same way about her self-directed music video for the song, which premiered through WSHH.

The visual compliments Queen Key’s lyrics while providing the classic in-studio vibe, edginess, and humour. We get a fun look at the rapper and some friends turnin’ up in what appears to be a studio session. It’s always good to see artists in their element, and for Queen Key, it looks like her element is right there in the studio with her friends and some Belaire Gold.

To me, there are few things more empowering than listening to/watching female rappers exhibit personality and fearlessness. The visuals combined with the thrilling lyrics gave me that same empowered feeling.

Words by Brax Chea

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