Bronx rapper Quay Dash’s ‘Transphobic’ EP is for the gangsta in you


New York City is known for the birth of Hip-Hop that brought light to some of the most eclectic artists in the world. Quay Dash is the latest.

Quay Dash

Photo: Courtesy of the artist


shering in a sound from the city’s past, Bronx-native transgender rapper Quay Dash released a banging five-track EP titled, ‘Transphobic’. In a feminine voice that evokes toughness, the recording artist makes anthemic-style tracks to celebrate power moves made by women, being a queen, and more. Reminiscent of building hallways that smell like urine and high-speed chases, the Clutch-composed ‘Queen of NY’ makes you move all of your ligaments to the hard-hitting instrumental.

Followed up by a piano-backed track titled ‘Squared Toe Leather’, Quay Dash wrote a song for people who try her. Insinuating that she is “ghetto” and “real”, Dash isn’t one to test. What was most impressive to me is her willingness to be so candid, and mention that her friends “take it in the butt, too.” I’ve heard and supported several LGBTQ artists, but none has been as free and vicious with the flow like Quay Dash.

Her astounding Bronx accent comes through on every track, but most especially on the opening track (“Satan’s Angel Pt. 2”) of her mixtape called, “Satan’s Angels”.

Personally, my favourite tracks are ‘Queen of NY’ and ‘I Need A Bag’. Stream the full project below.

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