Post-Punk influenced ‘Gone for Good’ wants to know if your happiness will remain: Hear Drum & Bass producer Psychocharment’s latest


Will my happiness be gone for good? No, but I can leave any situation that isn’t right for my life, or what I’m trying to build.

I like to think of myself as someone who can be “Gone for Good” if given the right reason, so when I came across the Drum & Bass artist Psychocharmant’s latest record, it immediately piqued my interest. Hey, that’s how some humans function. We see something that reminds us of us, and we’re the least bit interested enough to learn more. Upon the first play, and I’ve played it at least seven times since the first time, the adrenaline-pumping records matched everything else on my ‘Work-Mode’ playlist. When I’m writing or editing, I like to listen to wordless music (or songs with minimal words) that’ll increase my heart-rate. For whatever reason, that style of music keeps my mind from wandering and my fingers “dancing” on the keyboard. Check out the Post-Punk influenced record below. It derives from Agency666’s newly emerged alter ego.