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Profiles: DāM-FunK

Mastermind DāM-FunK coils modern-funk sounds, soulful vocals and a groovy early-1980s vibe that sets the mood blasting through an iPod or an 8-track player.

Pardon the cliché, but the Funktronica musician, DāM-FunK has a timeless catalog that would triumph in a party for all ages. The Los Angeles-based Funk mastermind coils modern-funk sounds, soulful vocals and a groovy early-1980s vibe that set the mood blasting through an iPod or an 8-track player. He’s more than just the music. He is the incense burning. He’s the glass of wine. He’s the wind in your sundress. DāM-FunK’s music is the entire atmosphere. He’s what his fans would call, the funkmosphere.


After years of creating melodic sounds that rocked the underground, he was signed to Stones Throw Records. There, he released his debut album, Toeachizown in 2009. It seemed he was making up for lost time, the 5-LP boxed set included more than two hours of music. Toeachizown was a beacon of hard work, and a reminder that good things never last long. The album is no longer being printed, and only 2 of the 24 tracks are available for download online. On the bright side, he is still making great music. In addition to putting it down as a producer, the Ambassador of Boogie Funk, still serves as host and DJ at his world-famous Monday night Funkmosphere parties in Culver City, California. He even expanded with a Thursday night Funkmosphere party for the Funk lovers in East Los Angeles.

The Funk culture-king doesn’t stop there. In 2013, he linked up with Snoop Dogg to form the Funk duo, 7 Days of Funk. As he’s known in the Funk world, Snoopzilla has always seemed a little drawn to the sound and mellow vibe of the late 70s. Together, Snoopzilla and Dâm-FunK are a match made in funk heaven. Luckily, the 7 Days of Funk album is still around for purchase.

What’s better than that? The two are still working. Last month, 7 Days of Funk dropped a surprise zip featuring Daz Dillinger and Shon Lawon. What’s been described as “a digital 7-inch single, sides A&B” feature the singles, “N My System,” and “It’s Not A Secret.” Whether it’s more solo work, or more of 7 Days of Funk, he doesn’t seem like the kind of artist that can walk away from the music he loves. While his Twitter page notes that he’s gone on hiatus, DāM-FunK is likely just zoned out, making groovy Electronic Soul music — in the Funkmosphere.



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