Photo: Courtesy of the artist
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Bronx rapper Prince Wiser releases ‘Sam Goody’ featuring Ramzy


Photo: Courtesy of the artist

Since Hip-Hop’s foundation, The Bronx has always been a place fans can look to for some great music.

Adding on to the storied history of The Bronx Hip-Hop scene is Prince Wiser with the release of the cleverly titled single ‘Sam Goody’. It’s a solid performance, definitely one that will have heads bopping. What stands out most is his clever lyricism, with plays on Sam Goody, the record store.

Also, he’s putting listeners on alert: He’s up now, new and relevant; crowning himself the New Diddy, Drizzy, Kendrick and Fifty. Joining in is featured Bronx lyricist, Ramzy adding his piece to the braggadocious record. ‘Sam Goody’ is a solid record, that sounds great and seems it’ll perform well. Do yourself a favour and check Prince Wiser’s ‘Sam Goody’ below.

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