Premiere: Prince Wiser shares ‘Lost Boyz N’ The War Zone’

Bronx rapper Prince Wiser releases his new track, ‘Lost Boyz N’ The War Zone’, today exclusively through GRUNGECAKE. Hear it below.

Photo: Courtesy of the artist
Prince Wiser
Photo: Courtesy of the artist

As people, it is not always easy to express ourselves, and it can be even harder to speak for others. In times of defeat and oppression, feelings of being marginalized and strayed away from anything hopeful is common. As easy as it is to talk about what appears as the chimaera of our dreams, sometimes there’s a need to talk about the plight of reality.

“I imagine life would be different without the evils when I was young, and then I grew up, and I met others who had lost their way. But when you’re young and you’re lost in a war zone, you don’t know who your enemy is”. These are the words Prince Wiser speaks as an introduction to his new song ‘Lost Boyz N’ The War Zone’.

The Bronx rapper is telling more than just his narrative, but also the story for so many others. As he vehemently flows on upbeat track, Prince Wiser talks about the adversities and controversial attributes of a volatile environment. Shining light of the miseducation in the black community, police brutality, gang violence, and more, a simple one time listen to this song will not suffice. Prince Wiser is telling his account and sharing it with us listeners.

Lyrically declaring his truth over the beat, he uses the word “boy” as an epistrophe: ‘What is you reppin’ boy? / Where is your weapon boy? / You’ve been disrespected since adolescence, pubescent boy / I feel your aggression, you get upset when I call you boy.’

The use of diction and wordplay on this record proves Wiser’s deft and creative ability to create music, that is relatable, but also gets you thinking. Towards the latter of the song, Prince Wiser respectfully incorporates the names of a couple of black men who have been victims of police brutality in America in the most recent years. The excellent production is sure to give listeners chills as mentioning of these innocent lives taken away by such vilifying acts is aggrandized by the accompaniment of sonorously clamorous trumpets. Wiser sermonizes on this track and is giving us more than an earful ending the song with a promising outro saying ‘we need to take it back, fuck how the media react’. Whether you can relate to his narrative or not, what he is saying needs to be heard.

Written by Manny King John

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  1. My man got one of the strongest voices I’ve ever heard and he really be speaking a whole lotta truth. Definitely excited to witness his climb.

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