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Here’s a freak bitch anthem by Pretty Savage: Watch the ‘FACETIME’ visual

‘FACETIME’ by Pretty Savage is a gritty, hardcore, and sexy bop for the streets. The thug misses, including myself, can agree we want to know where she got her lingerie?

Photo: Courtesy of the publicist

The small details in the video are what draw you in in the beginning. The artist’s name written in the steam in the shower. The cell phone ringing and showing the director’s name. The video opens with Pretty Savage in a steamy shower and the standard iPhone chime rings. Flashes of red light and shots of the bed frame and handcuffs appear on the screen. You see the sex kitten, Pretty Savage herself, sitting handcuffed to the bed with a mystery beau between her legs.

The lyrics are filthy and witty as she gives us wild metaphors to explain what goes down and uses naughty wordplay to remind you what ‘FACETIME’ really means. Pretty Savage lets you know off rip, that if the money isn’t calling, she isn’t answering. She tells you how she likes it and the type of man to give it to her. She also lets you know she is,

I need a man who can handle this attitude

The handcuffs are not the only apparent giveaways she enjoys mad/hate sex. Pretty Savage is into the thug passion and thug lovin’ just as the thug misses before (cc: Adina, Lil’ Kim, Trina, Khia, Nicki, etc.). She also gives you the real about her “crazy side”, but I would label that as d***matized. Her savage jumps out with a bar that reminds us of the Slutty Boyz member, Fat Trel; you’ll have to listen to understand. #IFYKYK

This track is the twerk anthem and freak anthem that bad girls will enjoy. This explicit sexuality exudes top tier horniness and adult fun kink. But I need clarification on a bar:

I might bust after I bust but then he right back in my guts

Is this genius or does YouTube needs to transcribe that for me?

Words by Coop


Written by Manny King John


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