Ponytails, one of Vancouver’s newest bands, released a self-titled EP (Review)

As you listen to the ‘Ponytails’ EP, you can’t help but imagine driving down long stretches of road by the beach.

Photo: Courtesy of the artist


Ponytails makes inside joke, becomes full-time band.

Some bands you have to hear a few times to fall in love with; Ponytails are not one of those bands. Their lively tunes are full of youthful energy, and their lyrics are bold and to the point. Even their song ‘Despair’ has a light, playful essence. Despite the inner conflict. If you’re looking for an easy-going indie project to uplift your spirits, look no further. The “Ponytails” EP is here.

Harvey Merrit and Travis Goeres started the group in March of 2016; two barber friends who were growing their hair out at the same time. What started off as an inside joke about how they could call themselves ‘The Ponytails’, and telling people that was the name of their project. Thus, the band was born. Within several months, Harvey and Travis would be joined by Liam Ness and Simon Furminger, completing the group, and preparing them to record their self-titled EP.

Ponytails EP cover art
Photo: Courtesy of the artist

As you listen to the ‘Ponytails’ EP, you can’t help but imagine driving down long stretches of road by the beach. Just like the tide, it’s not without its ups and downs. However, it maintains its uplifting voice throughout the project. The repetitive nature of the hooks and melodies make the whole EP easily digestible with an entertaining sense of progression from song to song. I like to think of this project as the response you’d get if you found a guru living the life of a surfer, and you asked him about the meaning of life.

As you’re getting back into the grind this Fall, take yourself on a mental road trip, and let loose with the new Ponytails EP. Explore the take on classic Indie Rock, and let your imagination deliver you to far away places. Enjoy!

Words by Oliver Manifest

Written by Manny King John

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