Angolan-Portuguese artist Pongo can get a party started as soon as this remix comes on

When you want to dance, you want to dance. Nothing can nor will it stop you from getting in gear to cut up some rug or hardwood floors. But isn’t the first time the talented artist has struck gold. Her debut EP ‘Baia’, has been streamed more than two million times. As someone who has a family history of poverty and my ancestors not living in the best conditions, I feel connected to her as a human being.

Originally, hailing from Angola’s capital city of Luanda, she had to leave behind everything she’d known to go to Europe. Eventually, she settled in Lisbon, and her experiences inspired what we’ve come to know as ‘Baia’. Her culture and heritage are evident in the music, as well as her “fondness for more Western touchstones like Techno and Bass music”.

Photos: Courtesy of the publicist

Every time I’ve played the Quero Mais (Anoraak Remix) by the Angolan-Portuguese Electronic music maker, it’s all that happened. Shit, I am dancing now, as I type my thoughts, so I know what I am saying is not bullshit (and that’s how I’d like to keep this space, bullshit-free). If you’re looking for a tune to put on, so your carefree ass can dance until the end of the night, give Pongo a chance. She deserves that shit.


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