POD Digital Media (PDM) launches the first multicultural podcast agency network

Angela Yee’s Lip Service, Ed Lover, The Brilliant Idiots, and More Join the AD Network

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Photo: Courtesy of POD Digital Media

POD Digital Media (PDM) launches the first multicultural podcast agency network. The network includes over 100 shows, an ever-growing roster of established and up and coming podcasts. Angela Yee, Latinos Out Loud, Ed Lover, and more are part of the network. Pod Digital Media has exclusive shows and also partners with prominent production podcast houses and individual large podcasters throughout the country.

Pod Media was born out of the increasing need to help brands reach a multicultural audience, build and manage successful relationships between brands and podcasters. Some recognizable brands already see the value in working with PDM.

“The multicultural audience is all about authenticity and the ability to reach this audience in an environment where they are tuned in and fully engaged allows us to deliver our messaging and increase our brand awareness,” says Keith Howard Moët & Chandon, Brand Director. “I look forward to collaborating with the Pod Digital Media team to connect with our consumers in the podcast space.”

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As official Members of the IAB – Interactive Advertising Bureau, Pod Media is at the centre of the podcast medium emergence. As former agency and brands executives, we understand brand partners’ challenges to reach the multicultural demographic campaigns in an authentic environment. We partner with podcasters to deliver tangible results to our advertisers. The multicultural audience control more than $3.4 trillion dollars in buying power. We reach this audience effectively and authentically.


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