Planning a product launch


When you’re launching a new product or service, the launch event can seem like the least important thing on your list – after months or even years of developing, testing and trialling your baby, a launch event may seem like simply the last hurdle.

If you treat it as such, you may be sorely disappointed. However good your product is, if no-one knows that it exists, then you’re still going to struggle to sell it. A launch event can make or break a product – and if you want your product to make it, then you’d better focus on planning that event.

Entertainment agencies like MN2S focus on providing the services of a celebrity for different events, but one of the most common requests is for a celebrity to endorse a product. By choosing a celebrity ambassador well, businesses can tap into the exact audience that they want to and encourage sales.

Endorsements aren’t just about an appearance at the launch event – though a high profile celebrity in attendance is a sure fire way to score some good press coverage of the event. Ambassadors can appear in traditional advertising, promote your business by using your product in public or even use new platforms like social media to talk about your service.

Of course, it’s crucial that the celebrity you choose to endorse your product is appropriate, and fits with your brand. A male celebrity to promote a womenswear brand or a sports star acting as an ambassador for a fast food restaurant isn’t likely to improve your sales!

Free coverage in the media is one of the biggest perks of a launch event, but to make sure you get that, you’ll have to have a hook. A high calibre celebrity ambassador is a great way to attract attention, but there are a few other ways you can ensure your event is talked about.

Freebies of any description are a great way to entice journalists and bloggers to attend and cover your launch event – you could give away samples of your product if you’d like to see it reviewed, or if it’s too expensive for that to be feasible, then a free bar and snacks should do much the same job!

Finally, make sure your event is adequately supported by other marketing activity – whether that means an advertising campaign for a new product, a flyer drop for a new local service or ensuring that whatever you’re launching is available for review by any relevant publications who wish to do so.

Talent management agency MN2S is the perfect place to find a celebrity ambassador for your next product launch. They’ve got talent on their books from right across the spectrum – from football players to comedians and everything in between. Get in touch today to find out how they can help your launch to make a real splash.


Written by Manny King John

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