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New, at-home device helps women detect lesions in breast tissue

Just in time to honor World Cancer Day, new device allows women to practice self-care more frequently and effectively.

Just in time to honor World Cancer Day, new device allows women to practice self-care more frequently and effectively.

Recently making headlines with its breakthrough technology and spreading consciousness, Pink Luminous Breast is a breast familiarity and assistance tool designed to use anywhere, anytime. Pink Luminous Breast allows women to observe veins and visually check for lesions in breast tissue. It is a one of a kind product in providing awareness, as a preliminary screening tool to assist women in their in-home regular breast care routine. The company’s goal is to promote early detection of breast cancer in as many women as possible through at home self-breast-exams and routine mammograms.

Sooner or later, it seems, cancer has an impact on us all. That’s why World Cancer Day on February 4th is an important day to raise awareness about prevention, detection, and treatment. The Pink Luminous Breast hand-held device is designed to observe the breast and carefully look for shadows or dark areas which could be a sign of potential lesions. Based out of the USA, Pink Luminous Breast was developed with the purpose of increasing breast awareness to the user in between regular mammograms and screenings.

At a convention for medical devices, Marilyn Dans, the president and founder of Pink Luminous Breast, made contact with the inventor of the laser diode and instantly knew she had to pursue the development of the device. The inventor and president combined their skills and expertise to design and produce Pink Luminous Breast.

Dans urges women to lead an “awareness lifestyle” and to take ownership of their health and notes the best protection is early detection. Helping people on their path to better health, Dans’ company SilkProUSA, created Pink Luminous Breast as an innovative, safe, and effective way for women to better understand their breast health in the comfort of their homes.

The device hones in on Angiogenesis, which refers to the formation of new blood vessels in the body. It is a normal bodily process for healing but also plays a role in the growth of cancer. Cancers require the formation of new blood vessels to grow and metastasize. Cancers do this by secreting substances that stimulate angiogenesis, leading to the growth of cancer.

Pink Luminous Breast works by illuminating tissue through RED LED-light technology. When a woman uses Pink Luminous Breast, tiny fractions of light pass through the breast to reveal potential problem areas. The FDA-registered class 1 medical device works with that fine spectrum light, which in turn illuminates veins –including dark clusters that may indicate potential abnormalities and lumps that increase blood supply to dense areas. The bright light intensifies only upon skin contact and the device is completely harmless with zero side effects.

“I knew immediately the device was something I had a spiritual obligation to pursue primarily because of the emotional distress breast cancer caused my family and I, as well as the millions of families affected by this devastating disease which consumes so much more than just its host cells,” Dans said.

Dans notes that death rates have dropped a staggering 38% since the 1980’s in relation to breast cancer and it’s thought to be due to advances in technology and increased breast awareness in the recent decades.

“This is why Pink Luminous Breast is passionate about increasing breast consciousness-we know that early detection is key,” says Dans.

Dans believes Pink Luminous Breast being should be available to everyone and because of this, her company has created the “Pink Luminous Advocacy Project” a non-profit organization that enables Dans to provide the device to third world countries, where more advanced technologies are not an economic option.

Pink Luminous Breast retails at $149 and can be found in some doctor’s offices,,, and

Written by Manny King John

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