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New Jersey-native artist pineappleCITI returns with Trap-Soul single ‘Believe’: Listen

Photo: Courtesy of the publicist

Talented recording artist pineappleCITI has dropped another banger, this time hitting us with her latest release ‘Believe’. The track comes at a rough time in the world, but bursts with positivity. She beautifully speaks life into herself on the track; something we all should do whether we’re in a global crisis or not. In the midst of her speaking life and love into herself, she manages to make it so catchy and captivating that we’re dancing along to her affirmations. She believes in herself, clearly, and that confidence exuded on the track makes us believe in her too. She has already proven herself as an artist in various ways, but her takeover mentality is infectious, and we have no doubt that she’s going to do just what she says.

Photo: Thomas Falcone


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