Phony Ppl release official lyric video for ‘Fkn Around’ featuring Megan thee Stallion: Watch

Photo: Jabari Jacobs
Photo: Jabari Jacobs

Megan thee Stallion joins Phony Ppl on their latest release, ‘Fkn Around’. The song was first previewed at Megan’s NPR Tiny Desk performance with Phony Ppl and had fans eager for more. The song has a very fun, and liberating tone, which can be credited to producer Ivan Barias, of producer group, Carvin & Ivan. The song discusses a woman who at the club chooses to play a risky game of sneaking behind her partners back. Megan joins by sharing her perspective, that she is young and is looking for some fun! The song simply is an ode to sexual liberation and self-empowerment.

Photo: Courtesy of the label


Written by Manny King John

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