Photo: Courtesy of the artist
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Stream Midwest-native rapper Phil Avery’s introspective album ‘A New Place 2 Swim’ (Review)

Photo: Courtesy of the artist

Stylist-wise, not far from the family tree of Kendrick Lamar and J Cole, Phil Avery raps eloquent meaningful lyrics the everyday person can relate to and has an ear for unique beat choice. Phil Avery’s seven-track project ‘A New Place 2 Swim’ delivers soulful music along with sound quality production choice. Track ‘Memento Mori’ carries a memorable heartfelt melody, verbalising on ‘The People’ not having many options on how they can truly live their lives.

Phil Avery was inspired by Hip-Hop, R&B, and Soul at a young age making him a long-time student of music. Now, at the age of twenty, coming from Kansas City, Missouri, Phil is set to make a name for himself, while letting his music take on a life of its own. His project ‘A New Place 2 Swim’ is well worth checking out, bringing music the masses as a whole can enjoy. If yet not hip to the upcoming Kansas City artist, tracks ‘The 101’, ‘Memento Mori’, and ‘Tree frog’ is a great place to start.


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