Oakland singer Pete Wilde shares new single ‘Savior’


Pete Wilde has a way with words. I like words and mystery. Subsequently, I agree with what he represents, creatively.

Pete Wilde

Photo: @JoelBear

Back in May when I wrote about the rockstar Pete Wilde for the first time, he had come out with ‘Lucy’, a song about a powerful woman who appeared to have a hold on him. This week, the Oakland, California-native singer is back with a track called, ‘Savior’, which also seems to be about a woman. Look, I am a woman so appreciate when any female is about to garner hypnotic attention from a man. It’s a skill, that not every woman can say they have.

Is he talking about a woman? Maybe not. We (Brandon and I) had a conversation recently. He told me that “love songs” could be marketed as “gospel songs” because of the subject matter. After hearing ‘Savior’, in hindsight, I guess he is right. Check out the latest release from the electrifying artist below.


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