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Pete Wilde has a thing for ‘Lucy’, but who is she?

Whoever Lucy is, she sure has a hold on Pete Wilde.

Pete Wilde
Photo: @JoelBear

Whenever she comes around, Pete Wilde cannot help himself. Based on what we’ve all learned about musicians is their keen advantage of using metaphors to tell a significant story. When we look back at the lyrics, we get to understand what might have inspired the words. In hindsight, we are privileged to learn about their pangs and misfortunes. If it isn’t a ‘sad’ tale, perhaps, it is one that unfolds infidelity and lifestyle choices. Who is she, or what is Lucy? Is it important? I don’t think so, but you will find out within the first twenty seconds of the song that she tastes sweet like sugar.

Ushering in the original sounds of the musical style, the Oakland, California-native musician wants more. Now, based in Los Angeles, the curly-haired rockstar’s mission is to ‘Make Rock ‘N’ Roll Black Again’. Whenever I listen to music, I ask myself ‘What did you take away from this?’ In this case, I want to identify with Wilde’s feelings toward Lucy.

Nowadays, I believe it is important to feel something. The reality is, we are living in a time where to be numb is the way of life. I hope that lifestyle changes in the generations to come. In the meantime, let’s focus on ‘Lucy’ by Pete Wilde.

Lastly, join the artist at The Peppermint Club in Los Angeles on May 8. He’s playing a show with his band.


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