Photo: Courtesy of the artist
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Listen to Chicago Shoegaze band Perfect Blue’s new track ‘Lost Afternoon’ from their debut EP

Photo: Courtesy of the artist

Although the title of this song talks about the latter part of the day, Perfect Blue’s third track from their forthcoming debut EP made me acknowledge and feel the cool breeze passing through my windows right now, as I think about what I’m going to have for breakfast. I’ve been running around a lot lately, and kind of like the frontwoman’s vocals, my energy can be described as awakened and alive but even-toned. Have you ever been awake, but you feel like you’re dreaming? That’s been happening recently, after my trip to Barbados. I don’t know what that is, but if I don’t feel normal within a week, I’m seeing a doctor.

Why are we here, though? The Chicago-based sextet’s point of creating the band was to bring something different to the music scene in Chicago. I’m not in Chicago right now, nor am I from there, but I can appreciate their sound. It caught my ear, way over here in New York City. Thank you for existing; uplifting my morning.

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