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Pell shares new single ‘Skyfall’ featuring Ambré, Malik Ninety Five, and iCON: Listen

Different than the previous releases we’ve reviewed, Pell is a strategically diverse artist whom we thoroughly enjoy and support. Listen to his latest single titled ‘Skyfall’ featuring Ambré, Malik Ninety Five, and iCON from his forthcoming album. Like most commercial, mainstream styles of Hip-Hop, poetry seems to be the fade-in, fade out, or skit for some of the best concept albums out there. Pell features a spoken word poet (iCON) on the eclectic album cut. His thirteen-track album comes out June 21 via Payday Records. Check out the Faux Delorean produced record below.

Skyfall was created with New Orleans in mind. For me, it represents not forgetting your roots. It’s a big deal to me to be able to help show how diverse New Orleans artists are and these are definitely some of my favorite by far. Faux Delorean (the producers) Ambré, Malik and I were in the same studio session and Ambré started singing the hook and it just felt good. I sent the song to Icon later and when she sent it back my eyes watered it was so good, Pell shared.

Photo: Courtesy of the publicist

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