Photo: Courtesy of the artist
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Patrick Grant, a decorated New York composer, re-releases first album, ‘Fields Amaze and Other Strange Music’


Photo: Courtesy of the artist

There’s strategic thought that goes into every major, or independent release, in the music industry. At least, it is stringent practice for the projects, so teams plan for the best outcome possible.

With little to no expectancy of what I may hear when checking out the New York City-based Detroit, Michigan-born performer and composer’s dynamic full-length, Patrick Grant wows us handsomely with his ravishing cinematic value that takes us where he wants us to be. Anyone with eyes and the blessing of vision could simultaneously pair the brush strokes of his composition to any image or motion picture we’ve seen before.

‘Fields Amaze’ makes me think of scenes in horror movies; when the victim runs frantically through interruptive terrain or a wet plane. Judging from the flow of ‘Fields Amaze and Other Strange Music’, forward motion is incumbent. The idea is apparent in all songs, especially, in ‘A Visible Track of Turbulence I’ and ‘Imaginary Horror Film – Part 1’. Ahead of his work with Quincy Jones and Billy Joel, Grant studied at Juilliard.

It is the re-release of Grant’s first album, ‘Fields Amaze (and other strange music)’. Check out the remixed and remastered LP below, which also contains bonus material.

Fun Fact: Patrick Grant created International Strange Music Day, celebrated on August 24.

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