Paperwater on their remix for “Surrender” by Gavin Turek

Paperwater has been putting in consistent work since our last interview. Last week, the Miami-based producer and DJ duo released an official remix to “Surrender” by Gavin Turek, signed to Tokimonsta’s Young Art Records. Paperwater’s version fits perfectly to Gavin’s disco influenced aesthetic, vying to take a Chicago house influenced beat with dark with almost a gospel feel. Take ‘em to church fellas and let everyone leave it on the dance floor.

Josh Kwia
Photo: Josh Kwia

How did this remix come about?

We’ve been fans of Tokimonsta’s for a while, and when we both heard the album she did with Gavin Turek, we had to do something about it. (It just clicked). Our manager Aaron (Teal Blue Management) reached out to their crew and got stems. They loved the remix so signed it to Young Art.

You’ve described a remix as a first date, can you tell me more about that?

We did the remix with the intentions of working on some original music with Gavin Turek &Tokimonsta in the future. We definitely wanted to get their attention so they would be interested in exclusive future releases. We got some surprises in store.

You’ve told me that you want to build around this sound for 2016; can you describe the sound further?

This year we would say that our music is not set on a particular genre, but evokes a type of mood similar to what you would feel at our shows. It’s like a melting pot of what we are and what Paperwater represents.

Are remixes fun or hard to make?

If it is hard, then you’re not doing it right. Each time we get a remix, it’s a new learning opportunity, and we enjoy every step.

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Written by Manny King John

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