PANTyRAiD release new mashup for two songs

Two for one…

Caught somewhere between the dream world, a lover’s embrace, a dazzling cosmic galaxy, a spooky subconscious and sex-rumpled satin sheets exist this mesmerizing video for PANTyRAiD’s ‘That’s The Spot’ and ‘Jokes From The Backseat’, a mashup of two songs off their new LP “PillowTalk” (May 28, Glass Air Records).

Directed by Elliott Sellers, the dynamic bass duo’s new visuals capture all the salacious energy of their cuts, a sexy rollercoaster ride of R&B tension, trippy psychedelic synths and panting beats wrapped up in a dancey entanglement of power and lust. It’s a streamlined Sci-Fi fantasy meets Paranormal Activity, plus kaleidoscopic pillows floating in space. Prepare for PANTyRAiD to satisfy your eyes and ears as you press “play” – you might just break into a night sweat.


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