Review: Pale Blue Band’s album, ‘Anatomy’, is a Classic Rock album that Bon Jovi fans can appreciate

With the vocals to win and the execution and arrangement mirroring the quality of esteemed rockstars, Pale Blue Band share their new album, ‘Anatomy’.

I’m on the platform of the Jamaica LIRR. It’s 10:30 AM. The sun is shining, but the wind is playing its supportive role. ‘Only Love’ is playing and it fits this moment, perfectly. It feels like adoration, human, and apt to the human experience. Do you know that moment you feel before you’re about to take a big leap into unknown territory? It feels like this is the type of song that would match that adrenaline. I liked the other songs, but ‘Only Love’ is the one that I connect with most. Nonetheless, the entire album is good. I don’t think there is any skip through moments. I’d share it with the people I love.

Written by Richardine Bartee

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