5@5: A morning playlist featuring Otonomi, Zee, and more


This 5@5 morning playlist consists of Otonomi, The Arcadian Wild, Zee, and more.


Photo: Courtesy of the artist

Otonomi – Go Stay Safe (Submission)

Picture yourself in bed. You’ve just yawned and stretched. The sun is peaking through your dark, heavy curtains. You received that good morning text from you know who. For now, everything is alright in the world. Then, “Go Stay Safe” comes on. It’s the kind of song that I’d loop in the car on the way to the beach, as I chew unsalted pistachios. I feel at rest when the music plays. Perhaps, you will feel the same. Hear the newest single from the Flagstaff, Arizona singer-songwriter below.

Ayelle – Boy (Submission)

Hearing “I used to eat his words like fruit” is what pulled me into the British singer-songwriter’s hazy world. Ayelle teamed up with a producer named Mucky, most known for his work with Sevdaliza, and J83 to make the dreamy track titled, “Boy”. At the moment, I am not under the influence of anything, but the record makes me feel like I am. Listen to the angelic vocalist sing about loving herself, for a change, because he doesn’t love her anymore.

The Arcadian Wild – The Poet (Submission)

Emitting from the low, flat and fertile lands of Nashville, The Arcadian Wild have arrived to untuck us from the depths of our slumbers. Let them.

Roland Greco – Explorer (Submission)

In my opinion, obviously, certain music is for certain times of the day. If it isn’t day specific, it may be absolute for an event or time of the year. “Explorer” sounds like it is one of those records that can ‘live’ in multiple places. As the lyrics ask, ‘What are you waiting for?’ Get up. Then, check out Roland Greco’s latest release, ‘The Emerald City Doesn’t Exist’!

Zee – The Water (Submission)

Zee’s sultry rhythmic underlays are worth listening to at any time of day. However, the Southern lady’s raw power vocals will wake any the living dead—if tested and given the chance. Check out the pure love coming forth in her new track, ‘The Water’.

Emmaline – Shy (Submission) (Bonus)

Shy? Emmaline’s voice doesn’t say ‘shy’ at all. I know it’s about the subject matter, but I had to point it out. The Cincinnati, Ohio-native singer-songwriter croons about being in love with someone who is her sunshine on a cloudy day over a jazzy composition.

KLANGPLANET – You (Submission) (Bonus)

Come on and shoot (your shot at a better future). What a motivating song with a liberating message? I think KLANGPLANET’s “You” is the sound to wake up to in the morning.