Los Angeles artist Omega the Poet brings sweet heat with new single ‘Nectarine’: Listen

Photo: Courtesy of the artist
Photo: Courtesy of the artist

Omega the Poet is a recording artist, record producer, and songwriter hailing from South Carolina. He specializes in the Neo-Soul/Alternative Rap genres and incorporates his ideals of love and unique stanza Rap styles all throughout his work. His latest single ‘Nectarine’, off his new EP ‘Eros’, showcases his sensual Neo-Soul singing abilities and his poetic Rap skills. The beat is comprised of synthesizers, keyboards, drums, and bass guitar which lays the foundation for his smoothly catchy hook. His lyrics pay homage to his lover’s sensual nectar and describe acting on their sexual urges.

While his catalogue is small, the work that he has released is impressive and will lead him to great success one day.

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