Omarion is bringing new energy with ‘Can You Hear Me?’ featuring T-Pain: Watch the visual

Photo: Courtesy of the label

The video opens with a written introduction about why and how the video came about. Then, images of Los Angeles and New York’s skylines appear. There is a group of people in a park covered in graffiti art. And then, there is a pan to Omarion in the park, as well smiling. Freestyle dancing beings, and so do the dancing graphics. The song is very upbeat, and it is another TikTok and Fortnite bop for the youth to create and choreograph. Omarion’s verse does a great job of playing on him being the spokesperson and central subject of ‘unbothered’.

T-Pain is an exciting feature with his Southern twang and high pitch. Unfortunately, we do not get to see a dance battle ensue between Omarion and T-Pain—how we have been able to enjoy Chris Brown and T-Pain. Hopefully, that battle can happen later as a remix or a bonus video. The video ends with written closing statements that say Sgt Jonathan Mattingly, Officer Myles Cosgrove, and ex-officer Brett Hankison are not in custody.

Written by Manny King John

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