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5@5: A morning playlist featuring Olivia Nelson and Eyes Wide Open

Eyes Wide Open – Die Another Day (Submission)

It’s seldom recording artists—in other musical genres—make it to their third album ‘The Upside Down’ and is still able to captivate their fans, but Swedish rockers, Eyes Wide Open, don’t seem to have that problem. I’ll shed some light on why I believe it to be true. When artists connect with the general public at the beginning and maintain that relationship, it’s difficult to disconnect if you’re creating from a place of authenticity. I think that’s what the melodic Metalcore band have been able to do, over and over again. We all go through real things, so when artists channel into those emotions, it’s a winner. In proper tempo for Metalcore, Eyes Wide Open share the eye-opening track ‘Die Another Day’. Check out the brand new visual below.

Olivia Nelson – Cherry Chapstick (Submission)

Have you ever gone to a party and laid your eyes on someone that becomes unforgettable to you? London’s R&B singer Olivia Nelson recently released a well-produced record called ‘Cherry Chapstick’ to encapsulate that moment. From her forthcoming EP titled, ‘Back to You’, the nostalgic track conjures up the innocent of young Summertime love. If you love and yearn for songs influenced by the 90s, you’re going to love this.

Zion I – Kali Yuga (Submission)

Donned in unconventional garb for a rapper, Zumbi opens up the official video for ‘Kali Yuga’ in all-white and hair that does what it wants to do. Watch the visual from the 2018 LP, Ritual Mystik, as they travel on foot and horses to an unknown destination.

Wilder Woods – Sure Ain’t (Submission)

There’s something about passion and deliverance of surge that Wilder Woods understands. He taps into that place for every record; ‘Sure Ain’t’ continues to showcase the brilliance of his vocal heights and performance skills. Watch the incredible visual for the emotional song below.

BONES UK – Pretty Waste (Submission)

Roaring guitars—played in close quarters—are sure to wake you up out of cocaine-induced slumber, so that’s why the high-energy track by the London-bred band made it to this list. In the black-and-white visual, two women face each other to ask if the other would want you when you’re old and well, dead. Rosie Bones’ vocals over guitar played by Carmen Vandenberg is outstanding!

mxu – Impostor (Submission) (Bonus)

As easy as great producers may make it seem, it is not a walk in the park to make music that speaks to the listener with little to no words. Toronto producer, mxu, however, has done it with his latest record titled, ‘Impostor’ from his twelve-track album: Artisanal Trap. Check it out below. The “speaking” will make you want to get up to communicate.


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