Watch OBJECT AS SUSPECT’s new video for ‘REMOVAL’ more than once

Anything about this that anyone shouldn’t want more of, honestly.

Photo: Courtesy of the artist

Silence, strategically-placed ahead of any pleasant or unpleasant sound, will never get old—as long as you don’t know it’s coming. And that’s what happened when I watch the video for ‘REMOVAL’. Rather than expecting a shock value tactic, I thought my laptop didn’t want to comply with what I had planned for my day. It isn’t often that an individual or a group of people can make me this excited about music or any form of creativity. Without words or lyrical stanzas as we know them, OBJECT AS SUBJECT commanded my attention. The energy that leaps from the earworm is not only celestial but feminine and powerful.

Please, take a moment to bask in the uniqueness that makes OBJECT AS SUBJECT what they are. Watch the video for the Los Angeles-based Art Punk band below.

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