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Dutch singer Nona’s ‘Forever Yours’ takes on loneliness post breakup: Listen

Nona puts her on spin on the moods felt after a breakup with her song ‘Forever Yours’. She talks about the need to need company and how her past lover has a hold on her, a soul tie, that she can’t seem to shake. The toxic lover is starting to mess up her vibration, and the original decision to leave. She talks about the self-care she has been giving herself but her heart and mind are clouded with the emptiness called loneliness that many singles face after ending a relationship. She feels she has to run back to what she is used to avoiding the lonely feeling, this is the perfect song for someone considering making up with a past lover. This song expresses the cycle many fall into, and it’s great that Nona put those feelings in a melody that sounds beautiful. Listen below.


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