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#5NewVideos through the week 39 (Noiseheads, The Overslept)

This week’s #5NewVideos list consists of Noiseheads, Ty Dolla $ign, The Overslept, and more.

The Overslept
Photo: Courtesy of the artists

Noiseheads – Wait (Submission)

Not wanting to waste time is a human character everyone should have embedded in their souls. Noiseheads, a young Alternative Rock band from Florida, seems to ‘get it’ with their new song, “Wait.” The track is from their third album ‘Sitcoms for Aliens’ out now on Silly Monkey Music. Check out the 360-video for the powerful track below. Nick Gray’s vocals are immense!

TruSTony – YOUniverse (Submission)

TruSTony is a vibe. He’s able to make the corniest and stiffest of them all consider dancing. Watch the new video for “YOUniverse.” I bet you won’t be able to keep still.

Chuuwee & Khalisol – Tiger Woods (Submission)

Chuuwee and Khalisol, a recording artist and producer from New Mexico, head to the golf course for their ‘Tiger Woods’ track. According to the blurb I received, it is the first leak from the album. Stay tuned for more releases from both artists (especially the album entirely produced by Khalisol). The video is less than two minutes. You’ve got the time.

Abraskadabra – The Dream (Submission)

Hi. I went to art school, so the video reminds me of that era of my life The direction and visual is well-executed. On a selfish note, I wanted to share it with my friends. The band’s new album should be out next month. It’s called, ‘Welcome’. I’m looking forward to hearing the album. Aside from what’s going on in Du’s head, his vocals are strong and apparent. Du is the lead vocalist. As far as the video goes, Guilherme Lepca, the video director, shares the following:

“The process of making the video clip was inspired by the 80’s punk movement aesthetics (especially Dead Kennedy’s gig posters) and also by 30’s horror movies. Our objective recording the clip was to catch the process of making a new album in a rented house and also the vibe of the band. By mixing noisy pictures, non-sense collages and parallaxes we wanted to give the clip a dreamy and dynamic narrative/look.”

Watch the beautiful video for ‘The Dream’ by the Brazilian Ska/Punk band Abraskadabra now.

The Overslept – Save Our Souls (Submission)

Outstanding is an understatement for The Overslept, the young band from The Netherlands. From the clarity in the lead vocalist’s diction and the trained big production, you wouldn’t think the rockers aren’t from American soil. It’s no wonder the audio for ‘Save Our Souls’ received support from the biggest radio station in their hometown, 3FM. Furthermore, the quality of the video is immense. It’s television-ready. Let’s get this thing on TV.

CAMARANO – Somebody Else (Submission) (Bonus)

Back when the audio for ‘Somebody Else’ released, I was going through an abrupt breakup. Honestly, I still don’t know what happened, but CAMARANO’s song helped me get through that odd time. I’m thankful, so I’ve decided to add his latest video as a bonus, to further show my appreciation. Thank you, CAMARANO.

Ty Dolla $ign – Side Effects (Personal) (Bonus)

This song’s hook, “You tried to warn me about the side effects, the side effects, you did” is catchy, making it relatable to an array of people on all levels. It makes you want to listen to it a little closer, and figure out what he’s saying. “Side Effects” changes pace from his other songs, a reflection. To be honest, I listened to this song several times, the first time thinking it’s super simple, repetitive, yet catchy; compared to the others, “Eh”. However, the next few times had me changing my opinion. On a deeper level, it’s showing a changing of tides with one’s ego if you will.

Ty Dolla $ign seems to be reminiscing about how he may have been wrong in his decision making, how seemingly beautiful situations sometimes don’t turn out the way we imagined they would; Turning towards a bit of chaos and self-destruction in one’s life; Very humbling.

You inadvertently find yourself going back to that certain situation (relationship) in your own life that pertains to what he’s singing about in “Side Effects”. In summary: The simplistic and upbeat repetitive rhythm contradicts the truthful yet woeful lyrics (about a relationship gone bad); It which gives this song a more mellowed out approach, a change in style from Ty’s collaborative songs. Never the less the simplicity gives you a chance to delve deeper into what he’s saying here. Ty creates a sense that he’s quietly looking back on his past, seeing the results and consequences of his actions. He shares that there’s a responsibility that comes with all decisions in which you may not have fully understood at the time given your then euphoric state of mind. A shedding of ego. We can all connect with this one. (Kathyrn Ogletree)

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