New dating app, ‘No Names’, set to launch in the US

Photo: Courtesy of No Names

No more swiping for life.

No Names’, a dating app which prioritizes greater user security and control by eliminating ghosting conversations and dead-end connections, will redefine the way users date and find love. Instead of swiping through scores of profiles in the hope of finding a match, one can post date to meet in person and focus on real-life off-screen connections. Users must agree to meet in order to take their conversations further, preferably when face-to-face.

In addition to an emphasis on real-life connections, ‘No Names’ features added levels of privacy and control, meaning users can retain complete anonymity before they decide to share their details. Names, for example, can only be revealed via app messaging or on the actual date, once both users have agreed to meet in person. For added assurance, user’s profile will be visible only when the user will post a date or send a request to dates posted by others (in the latter case, visible just to that one person). All potential app members are screened and approved by an internal team, with a pre-launch waitlist of over 12,000 subscribers already being reviewed.

How does ‘No Names’ work?

The user has to post dates right off the bat, eliminating the conventional match, message and plan. You, as the user, post dates based on your individual social preferences and interests: a meal at your favourite restaurant, dancing in a club, grabbing a coffee, watching a movie, sipping cocktails, visiting museums, sporting event… you get the idea. Then, simply set your time and pick a venue for the date to go live, now sit back and wait for requests to start pouring in, from which you get to select one. Alternatively, you can request to join dates posted by others, a feed of which is featured on the app’s home screen.

Founder Foreword

Virtually, we’re taking away the endless swiping needed to enhance your chances of securing a match, by establishing dates and leaving the conversations for when face to face. Our intent is to champion an app that will perhaps bring a higher level of security to dating applications, whilst being largely reflective of the user’s time for efficient matching, says Kanav Puri.

For people looking to meet someone new in their city or while travelling, ‘No Names’ ensures they never have to be alone. It’s discreet, no-fuss, and completely free.

Written by Manny King John

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