Nitty Scott, MC Is Ethereal in “Generation Now”

Re-energizing the brand from “The Art of Chill” mixtape, Nitty Scott MC is back with “Generation Now.” Directed and shot by the artist and Eric De La Cruz (The Prime Prodigy), the visual narrative adds to the current landscape of politics. Produced by Chuck Strangers, the character of mother nature, becomes therapy to oneself. Accepting many layers of spiritual healing within the soul, Scott addresses religion, womanhood, child abuse, holistic healing mechanisms, and supernatural abilities. Dressed in all-white with an elaborate head wrap (represents the protection of the mind) and gold accessories, this young Queen knows her worth and gift of music. Centered on earth, higher power is prime. Sampling “Pass the Dutchie” vocals by Musical Youth, viewers insight on positive serenity glows.

After listing to the full project, Scott allows you to explore her entire story. In society, women are told fear equates to weakness. But in reality, vulnerability means strength. To proudly create a body of work that exposes the truth, we should respect the musical practice. A poetic soul and one that is needed in Hip-Hop, be sure to support her work.

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Written by Manny King John

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