Nike Hosts Law Enforcement Appreciation Day

For the outstanding job they’ve been doing all across America ::insert emoji side eye here::, Nike has decided to celebrate the task force with a discount off their products (Because fuck the ridiculous amount of Black lives taken unnecessarily by the hands of law enforcement, as of late). In its second year, the Nike Law Enforcement Appreciation Day lets officers receive a 30% discount at any Nike or Converse store worldwide. Does anyone else feel weird about this? Yes, not every cop is bad; not every cop is corrupt. I’m fully aware there are several good cops out there putting their lives on the lines, even to fight their unjust co-workers. At the same time, marketing wise, it just doesn’t seem like a good look nor is the timing right to be celebrating law enforcement in America. What Nike really needs to do is pass along that discount to Black Americans to offer a possible fighting chance of escaping the deadly hands of bias cops with the proper footwear… But you ain’t hear that from me. (Ha, yeah you did).

Written by Manny King John

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