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Nicki Minaj released controversial snippet of new song ‘Yikes’, TMZ reports “line was no disrespect”

Photo: Instagram
Photo: Instagram

On the third day of Black History Month, Nicki Minaj decided to set the internet ablaze by releasing a fifty-one-second snippet of her forthcoming single ‘Yikes’ on Instagram. While many have been waiting anxiously for her to release new music, excitement for the single was overshadowed by controversy regarding a lyric referencing revered Civil Rights activist, Rosa Parks. Minaj raps, “All you b—— Rosa Parks, get your a– up”, over the trap beat. This line has put many at odds on social media, some believing that the line was disrespectful to the legendary Rosa Parks, while some view the line as homage to Parks. TMZ has reported that the line “was no disrespect”. What are your thoughts?



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