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Brooklyn rapper NICKFUR¥ shares his new EP ‘The Feels’: Listen

Photo: Courtesy of the artist


Photo: Courtesy of the artist

The Brooklyn-based rapper, NICKFUR¥, invites listeners on a journey through his introspective mind, with the release of ‘The Feels’. The EP starts off with ‘I Aint Pose’ 2 Feel Like This .’, a solid intro where he examines himself, realizing that he isn’t supposed to be living life feeling as if he is just going through the motions. This sets the tone and theme for the rest of the album, which takes a deeper dive in his exploration of self-identity. Each track thereafter, adds to the story, ‘Hope I Didn’t Frighten You Im Here 2 Talk .’, ‘I Know .’ and ‘It Is What It Is .’ all touch on him coming to the understanding that he doesn’t have the answers for everything, but life situations has changed his perspective, whether it be with society, self or music.

The EP ends with ‘Heartbreak As A Fuel .’, in which NICKFUR¥ approached heartbreak as something that fuels him to keep moving forward. ‘The Feels’ is an instalment to a larger project series set to roll out this year. It’s an introspective look at society and the way we look at relationships and growth, as well as, it’s relatability, makes the project worth the listen. The project falls just around fourteen minutes, as is the and is a solid start for the rising artist. Be sure to give a listen to NICKFUR¥’s, ‘The Feels’ below.

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