Listen to Houston artist Nick Vyner’s latest track ‘Lied To Me’

The R&B singer plans to donate his proceeds to three different causes.

Photo: iTunes

Nick Vyner is a must-have for any calm “vibes” playlist you have, especially as Summer sets in. His latest offering, 2020 single ‘Lied To Me’, starts with a melancholy guitar that sets the tone until smooth vocals join in.

I can’t make sense of you no more… Looks like somebody lied to me

What especially piqued my interest with this track is that ‘Lied To Me’ is like a wolf in sheep’s clothing, once listeners really tune into the lyrics. Vyner tells the classic story of a betrayal as the result of a mistake; but, if you’re not paying attention, the song’s almost trance-like melody will have you (mentally) at the beach, listening to waves crash in peaceful bliss.

We’ve been slipping away, we’ve been slipping away…

Whether on a romantic or platonic level, anyone can relate to Vyner calmly telling the subject of this song that their behavior was unnecessary and to, well, fuck off. Listen to ‘Lied To Me’ to have a solid addition to your summertime night-drive tunes (and to give any ex-friends or lovers an unbothered middle finger).

Written by Manny King John

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